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Jobs in Big Cities

All of us are looking for the next big opportunity to grow in the professional world, but who wants to do that in a boring little old town? Well, for those of us who love the faster-paced city life but still want to be able to succeed in a great job,  this blog article from may be the answer: .

Top Hiring Companies in 15 Big Cities

{top 5}

1. Atlanta, GA — Home Depot: 1,180 job openings; WellStar Health System: 1,013 job openings; Northside Hospital: 759 job openings;  Pizza Hut: 753 job openings;  Emory University: 648 job openings

2. Boston,Mass — Staples: 1,250 job openings ;  Massachusetts General Hospital: 1,048 job openings ; Liberty Mutual: 829 job openings; Harvard University: 753 job openings; Kindred Healthcare: 700 job openings

3. Chicago, IL — Accenture: 918 job openings; Pizza Hut: 815 job openings; Sears: 696 job openings; HCR Manor Care: 680 job openings; Taco Bell: 613 job openings

4. Dallas – Fort Worth, TX — Texas Health Resources: 1,623 job openings; HCA: 1,219 job openings; Baylor Health Care: 979 job openings; Pizza Hut: 921 job openings; Methodist Health Systems: 704 job openings

5.Detroit, Michigan –Chrysler: 790 job openings; General Motors: 778 job openings; St. John Health System: 773 job openings; Taco Bell: 676 job openings; IBM: 514 job openings

(Go to the site to see the rest of the 15 big cities and job openings!!!)

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