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Why Not You?

If there is one thing we have learned so far from our new-found relationship with Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR) and Greg Hilton it has been that Columbia is swarming with opportunities in insurance, nuclear energy and entrepreneurship as a whole.  With that being said, how do we embrace this challenge and start making things happen?

During tonight’s Super Bowl, a commercial presented by the Kauffman Foundation is aimed at answering that very question.  Although it will only be aired in the large markets of NYC, DC, Kansas City and San Francisco, the message rings clear, “the next big thing is out there.  Will it be you?”.  The following is a link to the commercial that will be seen tonight:Will It Be You?

On their website,,  you will be able to choose your “path to success” by clicking on the links Inspire, Network, Create, Mentor or Capital, each presenting you with ways in which they can help you realize your dreams and ideas.

Will this be the one-stop-shop for your future endeavors? Perhaps.  But I believe the real question is that with the endless opportunities that lie in front of us and the resources that we have, whether they be this or the brothers we surround ourselves with daily, the future is waiting to be grasped by someone or some organization (brotherhood)… Will it be us?

-Kory Pippin


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