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Worlds Most Powerful People & A generational divide

As I was looking for an article, I stumbled across this one on I always wonder who the big names are, not only in America, but on a global scale. Then, as I started to look at this list, I realized that it was a perfect example to share:

1. Barack Obama — 50

2. Valdamir Putin — 59

3. Hu Jintao — 68

4. Angela Merkel — 57

5. Bill Gates — 56

….and so on…

The reason why I placed their ages beside their name instead of what they do is because they all serve different roles, but their ages are very similar. This just goes to show, along with the other 65 top figures in power, just how important our generation is going to be. With the exception of Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook legacy and the two men on the list in association with Google, every other person is well in to their 50+ age ranges.

With this being said, people like us, who have extreme amounts of potential to do great things, have every reason to strive to achieve the best. Currently, and even more so in our near future, we are starting to see a huge generational divide in the workplace and it is our turn to step in and bring our new, fresh, and modern viewpoints into action.

(Posted by: Erica Scacciaferro)


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