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Life Advice from a Boss

Life Advice from a Boss

As told to Brock


I have a good friend from back home whose uncle is a travelling businessman for a large company, and I was fortunate enough to be able to get some advice from him, most of which will apply beyond the workplace.  This guy knows what he’s talking about: he worked hard to get exactly the life that he wants, and is one of the most successful people I know.  I’ve maintained his anonymity for the moment until I get his permission to include his name, which will probably be a while because he’s so busy it takes him a couple weeks to reply to emails.  These are some excerpts from the email he sent me.


Go with what feels right to you because your soul will be invested and you will be able to sell your idea to another because you are personally invested. The hard things in business are to give someone else’s speech, sells someone else’s idea or convince someone your idea is great. Do a good job and they will believe – or they won’t. Don’t change the quality of your work.


The real value of a college degree is not the skill sets you get from your major – it is the ability to communicate effectively with others and think on your feet. If they think you are smart, they will think your ideas are good. Don’t tell them that you are good – they will figure that out. Just do what you do well well.


I have integrity and drive. Customers like that because they know you will work hard for them.

 Never tell people you are smart, nice, rich, etc. They will figure it out themselves. They probably won’t believe you anyways.

 IF you know someone who always tells you how smart, nice, rich, etc. they are  – they probably aren’t. They are probably insecure. Be careful of those. Because when you find out they are wrong those people get real defensive.

My most important piece of life advice and sales advice – NEVER hang up the phone until the customer says “Thank you”. This will sound impossible if you are giving a price increase or explaining why you sent junk to his job site but it is always possible and always helps. Try this with friends and/or professors – the conversation always ends well and both people walk away feeling better.


And finally, on the subject of college: these are the best days of your life….trust me.


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