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Dreams and emotions are quintessential to being human; however, realizing and recognizing those two basic human qualities in our busy schedules can be quite challenging, in fact, most individuals never realize their true happiness. This week I attended a “Career Expo,” in hopes of pursuing a position within any of the companies that attended, it couldn’t of gone worse; however, this week I also was accepted into my dream internship program. Through this acceptance I realized to truly pursue something that you are entirely passionate about; this notion drove me to understand why I had a bad experience at the career expo, I simply was not interested in any of the companies that attended. Although it may sound hackneyed, I truly believe in letting your passion drive your goals, interests, and paths throughout life, take the time on a beautiful day and ask yourself, is this the life I really want to lead? If so, then pursue every opportunity to achieve that goal, let no one tell you to simply live in “reality;” and although it has taken me two years to find some sort of direction with my career/life, I have found hope for the future through my self-realization.

-Will Skelton


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