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How I Met Your Mother Realization

Just a few days ago I was watching an episode of the popular show How I Met Your Mother and in the episode I realized something about my future as a business man. See, in the episode, one of the main characters Marshall Erikson (played by Jason Segal) receives several boxes in the mail from his mother containing many of his old personal belongings. One of the things that he discovers is a letter that is from himself from the past to him now. In the letter past Marshall writes that he is enjoying life as a high school student and gives advice to future Marshall, but one thing that past Marshall stresses is to never “sell out” and become a business man for a big company because he would be working for the “man.” Obviously past Marshall was still in high school and didn’t know much about the world or anything for that matter, but those words stung future Marshall because ironically he did end up working for one of the biggest law firms in the state of New York. He then begins to think if he had really sold out and if the past Marshall was right about selling out and that he has changed and become just another boring grown up who works all the time.

This made me think about my future and the major that I intend to pursue. Perhaps I was like Marshall and have changed and might be going through what he is going through. Perhaps that I have given up on my other dreams and just want to make money regardless of how much I like or dislike my job. Recently during interviews with the other pledges one popular question is “How do you measure success” or “Would you like a job that you enjoy or a job that pays well?” My answer always is that I feel a job should encompass both and should be both fun and enjoyable while making a decent income to keep your family financially stable and able to do things for yourself as well. Being a freshman in college I still have plenty of time to decide what I want to do with my life and the stepping stones that will take me there. This then relates back to the How I Met Your Mother episode and the dilemma that Marshall goes through as to what he is doing with his life.

At the end of the episode Marshall realizes that he did not sell out because he truly enjoys his job as being a lawyer and enjoys being surrounded by his friends at the firm. The true realization for Marshall was that we can’t be kids forever and sometimes our dreams change as we get older. For Marshall the dreams did change once he started college and decided to go to law school. For me however, I do not know if my dreams will change or if they might be the same. In the mean time as a freshman I’m enjoying life and absorbing everything that comes my way. Maybe 15 years from now I might be going through the same dilemma as Marshall, but I hope by then I will know what I want to do with my life. Drake said himself “Money over everything”, but for me I got to say “Happiness over everything.”

-Forrest Lin


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