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Scaling Obstacles Through Self-Reflection

I recently celebrated my twenty-first birthday, and although birthdays are a time for joyous hoots and hollers with friends and family, I always end up taking part of the day to  self-reflect on the events and people that have shaped my life into what it is today. I look back five or ten years and think about who has helped me achieve the most in my life, I also think about  those great (and sometimes bad) memories in which I truly was able grow as an individual, learning that all events in life happen for a reason. I re-posted  this article by Jim Donovan about the importance of becoming one with yourself, stressing that you can always strive for better opportunities in life, helping you achieve your goals and dreams. This advice can truly be applicable to every aspect of your life, especially if you’re a young, optimistic entrepreneur wanting to start your career, but to begin you have to be able to appreciate your own self-reflection as an individual.

Will Skelton



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