Professional Knowledge brought to you by AKPsi


The following play-makers, world-changers and rockstars are the bloggers bringing  you the vast array of articles, tips, anecdotes and stories from all over the world and from their own personal trove of life experiences.

Personally, professionally and purposefully designed to inspire you. motivate you. and hopefully even entertain you– the following members of the AKPsi Professional Development committee are committed to getting relevant information into the hands, minds and browser screens of those who need it and deserve it.

Lauren Davis is the Vice President of Professional Development for Alpha Kappa Psi and the chair of the Professionalism Committee who brings  you this blog.  She’s a senior, naturally blonde and has a weakness for Cheez-Its. Studying International Business, Marketing and French at the University of South Carolina, Lauren loves reading travel blogs, planning events for the University and she does the Daily Gamecock crossword puzzle every morning over a latte and muffin.  Wants to eventually become a college professor and inspire students the way so many professors have inspired her.  Lauren will be graduating in May 2012 and is actively seeking out career/life paths as you read this.

Megan Frank is currently a sophomore at the University of South Carolina and an active member in Alpha Kappa Psi, studying Hospitality Management with a concentration in Event Planning. She has a passion for helping people, especially children through organized sports, and

Megan hopes to join the Non-Profit world upon graduating. If she is not in class or working, you can find her outside enjoying the hot Columbia sun or traveling the globe. Megan will be graduating in May 2014 and looks forward to what the rest of college has to offer.

William Skelton is a junior marketing and management major at the University of South Carolina. He is actively pursuing his dream of working for the Walt Disney Company, wanting all to realize the importance of happiness and laughter in their lives. William enjoys studying the American Civil War in his free time; while further developing himself both personally and professionally through his commitment to Alpha Kappa Psi.

Brock Edgar is a junior International Business and Marketing major at USC.  He has a long and varied work history, with experience in the retail industry, restaurants, and herding goats.  Brock is presently searching for a career that would allow him to travel, and is excited to have discovered tourism as a possibility.  In the meantime, he is content to go to class and AKPsi, and learn all he can about the world around him.

Kory Pippin is a “first-lap” senior studying International Business, Finance, and Global Supply Chain and Operations Management with language  focuses in Spanish, German, and Portuguese.  Like the lovely Ms. Davis, Kory kick starts his mornings with a crossword puzzle (no latte), and after a long day at the “office”, he settles down to a healthy dose of Criminal Minds, Family Guy, YouTube videos, and whatever else he Stumble[s]Upon.  During his “victory lap”, Kory will be the President of the Beta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi and cannot wait for another amazing year of brothers, friends, opportunities and growth.


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